Legal Economy – meeting solicitors' needs
To best serve your clients’ interests, you should have choice when selecting barristers. Until now, there have been three obvious approaches:
  1. Identifying appropriate barristers based on their published profiles, followed by a series of telephone calls to barristers and/or their clerks to find out price and availability;
  2. Outsourcing the decision by simply entrusting the choice to a clerk; or
  3. Using the same barrister that you always use.
The time-cost of doing detailed research and investigating price and availability is high – a whole afternoon of a junior solicitor’s time can be lost to ringing around to find the information you need to make a properly informed choice.
The other alternatives essentially cede your ability to act in your client’s interests by (i) entrusting the decision-making to a clerk; or (ii) accepting that the performance of a barrister that you have used before is acceptable and that the barrister’s fee is comparable with market rates.
Most importantly, these approaches only let you test availability. Under none of these approaches can you readily test barristers’ prices. So, how can you properly ascertain whether the barrister you are engaging is available and presents the best level of experience for the sum your client is willing to pay?
Legal Economy makes this process simple:
  • You post on Legal Economy an explanation of the work for which you require a barrister
  • Barristers give you tenders for the work which tell you about their availability, how much they will charge, and why you should engage them
  • We have a set of Standard Tender Terms meaning that you can know up front (subject to any proposed modifications) the basis on which a barrister will be engaged
  • You decide who to engage (or not to engage anyone if no tender is up to scratch)
  • Engaging a barrister is admin free – once you have selected a winning tender, the barrister is engaged, and no back sheet is required
Sometimes you will know that only a handful of barristers will be appropriate for your work. We make testing their prices and availability easy too by:
  • Letting you post work which is “invite only” and which is not made available for all barristers to browse
  • Only notifying the barristers you choose that they may tender for your work
We also protect your clients’ information by:
  1. Only permitting barristers to browse for work on Legal Economy;
  2. Only permitting barristers who acknowledge that they have no conflict of interest or duty to view details of any work posted on Legal Economy; and
  3. Obliging barristers to maintain confidentiality and/or privilege in respect of any information viewed on Legal Economy
So, if you need a barrister, Legal Economy gives you real choices.